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Rental Criteria


All occupants 18 years of age or older must complete an application and pay the application fee.


Income must be at least 2.5x NET (take home) the monthly rent amount. Married couples and residents over 18 may combine income. Three recent pay stubs are required to verify income equal to two (2) months and two (2) months' worth of bank statements. If self-employed or retired, we will require six (6) month bank statements.

Cosigners may not be used for income qualification.

If you are a housing choice voucher recipient, the amount of rental income requirement will be reduced to 2.5x NET your portion of rent, but not less than $1500 a month income.

Rental History

Your previous residences must be free of evictions, judgments, or unpaid rent.  Owning your previous residence can take the place of rental history.  Previous occupancy must be verifiable (Non-Family). If rented outside of a Property Management Company, proof of rental payments for past 6 months need to be on a tenant ledger through software, bank statements, or Zelle. Written receipts are not accepted.

Credit History

A credit report will be processed for each applicant.  All applicants must meet the minimum credit score requirement of 550. If you have lower credit, you do have the opportunity to explain prior to applying by sending information to

We do not count discharged bankruptcies, medical bills, student loans, or paid collection/judgments against you. Unpaid collection accounts / judgments from utility companies or previous landlords are grounds for automatic denial of application (tenant will be given opportunity to correct).

Criminal History

A criminal background check will be conducted for each applicant.

Occupancy Standard

The number of occupants may not exceed 2 people per bedroom.


Policies on pets vary according to the home.

Pet fees are required and paid for the convenience of allowing a pet. Any damages will be taken from the security deposit.


We do not allow smoking of any kind inside our homes or in the garage.


All applicants must provide a copy of their driver's license or other approved photo ID.

Automatic Decline

Applicants will be automatically declined for the following: open bankruptcy, prior eviction, judgments, collections, unpaid rent, invalid SSN, and falsified application.

** If you have a special circumstance, please email prior to applying

** Co-signers in the state of Arizona only, may be considered an option for lower credit

** Higher security deposit may be considered an option for lower income with funds in bank or lower credit

Under no circumstance is your application fee refundable

Rental Criteria